Be the skipper


Tell the community what is great about you. Where you have been and what you have done on the sea? Tell the community places you’ve been and places you know. Try to show people you know your stuff and can provide a unique experience.


We love trust. So we really want visitors to feel that you as a skipper know what you are doing. Uploading your credentials will make you an easy choice for visitors. Thus, getting you more jobs.


Posting photos about you, your travels & work will help people feel comfortable with you. Make sure to have some good photos of your face because this will help make our community more human and allow visitors to trust you and become more interested in hiring you.

Work where you want, when you want Coming soon!


The calendar is the main tool for you to manage your pricing and reservations. It also allows you to spot open times where you can place a special offer. Use and abuse it!
Coming soon!


You will be spending a lot of time with a lot of people and they need to know how you can communicate! Maybe if you speak the same language as they do they will love it. It’s important for your profile to provide your languages.


Where do you prefer to work? With incrediblue you can get jobs all year round anywhere in the world. For example, you can work in the Mediterranean between May and September and in the Caribbean from December to January. Yay!