Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are! Incrediblue is the place where you can easily select a location wherever in the world, find a boat of your choice and book an amazing experience on the sea!
Cancellation policies protect both boat owners and those who are interested in renting a boat. The amount someone will be refunded in case of cancellation depends on the cancellation policy chosen by the boat owner. Please see our cancellation policies for more information.

Cancellations by Boat Hosts:

As a boat host, it is recommended to avoid cancelling a booking as this will cause great inconvenience to your guests. If you have no other option but to cancel a booking, please contact us at .

Cancellations by Crew:

As part of the crew, your guests depend on you to have an awesome experience. Cancelling your booking will cause great inconvenience to your guests, as they have planned their trip based on your availability. If you have no other option but to cancel a booking, please contact us at .
Currently we only accept Euros (EUR). Soon we will be able to offer you most major currencies of the world.
Of course, it does! Incrediblue is trying to attract more and more boat owners from all over the world. If you have any suggestions about locations and marinas that aren’t currently added to our site, feel free to contact us at .
We are doing our best daily to avoid bugs but if you do notice any problem at incrediblue, we would really like to know. Please contact us at describing the issue.
We are humans, talk to us! Either through our contact us page, or through facebook and twitter.
First of all, you have to log in. Click on the log in button and enter the email and password that you chose when you registered on Incrediblue. After this, you will be able to see your name on the top right hand corner of the page. If you hover over this, you can have access to your account in the ‘Settings’ section.
To ensure that hosts/guests know which languages you speak, please make sure you have updated your languages in the ‘My Profile’ section of your Incrediblue account.