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It’s rare to be on holiday in one of the world’s great beauty spots and wish that you were somewhere else. But if you’ve ever watched a beautiful sailing boat glide into the harbour, its passengers fresh from a day exploring sun-kissed secret coves far beyond the reach of the hotel hordes - then you may be forgiven for having wished you were in their place.

We have selected the best boats and the most experienced skippers and crew, to bring you an incredible choice of sailing holidays in the crystal waters and beautiful surroundings of the Mediterranean. No matter how familiar you are with any of these destinations, you’ll be thrilled to discover the wonderful new dimension that exploring them by sea will afford.

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The scenic coast of Croatia, lavishly dotted with its string of beautiful islands, is the latest, most trendy summer sailing destination. Be among the first to experience the delights of cruising lovely, Croatia’s remote waterways. Your skipper will guide you through unforgettable scenery to the most fascinating islands: tiny, unspoilt havens from the modern world. Share a coffee, a joke and the latest fisherman’s tales with the friendly locals, in picturesque harbours where nothing changes but the seasons, and the tides.

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Sail the Aegean on a yacht and experience the magic of the idyllic Greek islands as never before. Hidden coves where yours are the only footprints in the sand, villages where fisherman bring in their catch for the freshest supper and scented hillsides clothed with wildflowers, herbs, lemon and olive trees. Spend glorious days on the turquoise seas and watch the Mediterranean’s most spectacular sunsets while sipping the most beautiful sundowners ever!

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Turkey is known as ‘the bridge between East and West’, with fascinating influences from the Middle East, the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Central Asia. You’ll find that its charming, hospitable people exemplify all that’s best from each of these cultures, whilst Turkey’s magnificent coastline, with its spectacular scenery and sandy beaches, is the perfect setting for a truly memorable sailing experience on a gulet.

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