North Ionian

Guests wanting to discover new retreats will love Paxos and Ithaca as well as tranquil backwaters in Antipaxos, Kalamos and Meganissi. These quiet villages and tranquil backwaters just waiting to be explored. Walk through miles of vineyards in Antipaxos and perhaps take a peep at the private island of Skorpios while sailing by in this beautiful region.

Suggested places to visit in North Ionian


Corfu’s whitewashed houses clothe this sunny isle which has a wealth of Greek, Italian and British influences from rich Byzantine churches and Venetian fortresses to a classic bandstand, cricket green and ginger beer! Step off your yacht to embrace cosmopolitan Corfu town or head to Sisi’s Palace built in the 1880s by the Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria.


Paxos has unhurried pace of life and is an island of endless olive groves. The capital Gaios is a picturesque village built around the port and protected by two small islands Agios Nikolas and Panagia. Friendly Greek hospitality awaits! Sail into a tranquil bay, bathed in a celestial glow, and listen for the echo of traditional bouzouki in the breeze.

Anti Paxos

Anti Paxos is one large vineyard! There are two main beaches at the north end of Anti Paxos Vrika and Voutoumi which are ideal for swimming and snorkelling but incrediblue guests will also be able to enjoy the smaller more private coves that can be reached much more for easily by yacht.


This tranquil fishing village is a hidden gem, protected by the rugged mountain ranges, the olive-clad hills tower above the white-washed village centre and sandy beaches. Inland the Epirus region with sparkling rivers and fertile valleys are waiting to be explored or across the crystal water uninhabited islets offer total seclusion to swim and sunbathe.

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