Meet our crew

Any ship is worthless without a great crew to man it! Here are the people that fuel incrediblue.
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Antonios Fiorakis

Founder, CEO

Sets the company's goals and the path to achieving them.

Orfanidis 879d2391e90a242a7d8c3d62c9d0ee729d7cf6126cd15d56a0945e388feb4a18

Theodoros Orfanidis

Co-Founder, CTO

Analyzes the requirements, defines the specs and ensures the functionality of incrediblue's product.

Gatos 347d8b066483ecfbb0d63e40f455d340be54996d3deccb26d312707f58b341bf

Georgios Gatos

Co-Founder, COO

Directs all company operations and internal processes.

Papavasiliou c4a1b3204a17f1b1166d840d20a0e9c4fa3c85763c8f45e0e07043dd2f4af23f

Thanos Papavasiliou

Head of Design

Designs everything printed and digital.

Langouretou 26aa724932db9e46dc496c4fa46f1f4a56bc0b7c3b3db0ea90dab1a126f1e8af

Rania Langouretou

Head of Customer Experience

Makes sure all users thoroughly enjoy incrediblue' s services online and offline.

Brilis cafc744c86d762abdec29c7bd032d1f918e6f33830a1f62d9b3e19e6521b1e89

Spyros Brilis

Web Developer

Implements and improves features and researches new technologies for incrediblue.

Liapis 0154c6309c856de4078612bb5afae8ac0d169d71dea9f93501d3ec16761c205d

Nikos Liapis

Front-end Developer

Develops the incrediblue website and ensures a smooth user experience.

Vlachou cdefbe09598d7c437fb42731df867c2ed26503c90dff710de0775bc98cf0e978

Katerina Vlachou

Customer Experience Agent

Provides help to our members and manages office tasks.

Kalantzi e0dde3a24869a9776b6642e836f222664fab4f6a2b09b957a37e0b9bfa1a52db

Natalia Kalantzi

Customer Experience Agent

Offers support to incrediblue users and coordinates with owners.

Siasou 45a38eb661c78a376dc3f5650f5a7d2e8d60bec5ddc89417bd634f7cb205cdc5

Poppi Siasou

Customer Experience Agent

Offers support to incrediblue users and coordinates with owners.

Polymenopoulos 6aa09d860611e4c59275d2e98efeec28521a239781c08a3fd5e9206233558bc6

Dimitris Polymenopoulos

Content Editor

Writes copy, blog posts and content for incrediblue's website.

Tsekoura 7bbdebdca1c061e1946d43bfc3224937bc9fad1c08dfb565f11f2c47667009f2

Maria Tsekoura

Digital Marketing Specialist

Plans and executes digital campaigns in order to increase brand awareness.