Fiorakis e105bd010b9c6c73db086135309be553f84fee8ac42f06cb1259255977da1632

Antonios Fiorakis

Founder, CEO

He's the one behind incrediblue's steering wheel, you'll never find him far away from her.

Orfanidis 879d2391e90a242a7d8c3d62c9d0ee729d7cf6126cd15d56a0945e388feb4a18

Theodoros Orfanidis

Co-Founder, CTO

He's the face behind incrediblue's engine. He is always there to keep her running.

Gatos 347d8b066483ecfbb0d63e40f455d340be54996d3deccb26d312707f58b341bf

Georgios Gatos

Co-Founder, COO

He's the one planning incrediblue's itinerary. Wherever she goes, he's guided her.

Papavasiliou c4a1b3204a17f1b1166d840d20a0e9c4fa3c85763c8f45e0e07043dd2f4af23f

Thanos Papavasiliou

Head of Design

He's the one who mixes all the right ingredients to make incrediblue unique.

Langouretou 26aa724932db9e46dc496c4fa46f1f4a56bc0b7c3b3db0ea90dab1a126f1e8af

Rania Langouretou

Head of Customer Experience

She's the one responsible for ship's efficiency, maintenance and repairs.

Spyropoulos 171eef95256af6756b9e683016a47beb3ffe1ddc7ae0cbe30975caeb1d6e0592

Ilias Spyropoulos

Senior Web Developer

He's the one who fuels up incrediblue's engine.

Karakasilis 5cf9b838a7edb975b4c94ebfa822e7f6776127a4f7f22dd4f3ddbbdf1de317e2

Dimitris Karakasilis

Senior Web Developer

He's the one who makes sure the engine is operating at maximum potential

Kallis 23ecad4e227a4965d7175d0bff0007fe1f0ef187d89be7357c72b80a217c02a4

Pavlos Kallis

Junior Web Developer

He's the one who takes care of the engine's control buttons

Brilis cafc744c86d762abdec29c7bd032d1f918e6f33830a1f62d9b3e19e6521b1e89

Spyros Brilis

Junior Web Developer

He's here to offer first aid and master survival techniques.

Chatzinotas de26460e440a0db59e6ab65bdc60d9c2c0c101675ea69f365e4025dd54efc338

George Chatzinotas

Customer Experience Agent

He's responsible for Safety, makes sure incrediblue's quality standards are always met

Vlachou cdefbe09598d7c437fb42731df867c2ed26503c90dff710de0775bc98cf0e978

Katerina Vlachou

Customer Experience Agent

She takes care of incrediblue's inventory and records.

Kalantzi e0dde3a24869a9776b6642e836f222664fab4f6a2b09b957a37e0b9bfa1a52db

Natalia Kalantzi

Customer Experience Agent

She stands watch for any visitors needing help or guidance.

Tatsiopoulou acde69bc5625a706ddc4a1144fe92de3adbe90a7aad08c26d47760aebca91cd9

Christina Tatsiopoulou

Customer Experience Agent

She stands watch on deck and helps visitors find their way.

Gill 14ffd77b9fcd77860c06fe625991f74c1264b5374c720ba632b1e3633e32f813

Omaira Gill

Content Marketing Executive

She's the one that makes the ship's value known to new passengers.