incrediblue yachts

Read more about how our sail yachts look like and what to expect during your stay.

On deck

During your voyage, spend time on deck and lounging down below. Both have their merits.


Cabins don't have A/C but they do have a fan that you can turn on if you want to cool off.


Buy your provisions for a few days and restock at your next stop. Make sure you get a good mix of fresh, frozen and non-perishable foods.

You don't need matches to turn on your oven flame. Use your yacht's kitchen lighter - it's both easier and more practical.

Toilets & showers

Your yacht might have electric toilets, manual pump toilets or even a combination of the two.

Feel like a shower with a view? Use your yacht's external shower. It's got a great view!


Bring only small, light duffel bags with you as they can be thrown from the dock to the captain. That way you won't be carrying anything bulky when you walk the gangway.


Your yacht has storage compartments for folded clothes. Don't bring more than two pairs of clothes for each day - swimming trunks and t-shirts during the day, and two sets of evening clothes (for your nights out during the week).


There's usually only one inverter socket, so bring a power strip or multiport USB charger to charge your phones/tablets at once.